knowledge behind cleaning your desk

There is philosophy behind cleaning your desk that i think all office boy and girl know.
These are some knowledges I find when I clean my desk:

1. Do it slowly

2. Alert of prestigious stuffs that might be found. You might find your golden ring, or confidential documents, or anything that is important, but forgotten, because it's hidden under loads of unnecessary stuffs scattering, piling up, jostling in your desk.

3. Decide wisely, dispose or keep. If you decide to keep, put in the right place.

4. Consistent. Another documents, stuffs, will come. Another load of your life will come and piling up in your desk. Next time, Dont' wait until years to clean up. Every time, any dirt comes, clean it. And don't forget, Do it wisely whether to keep or throwing the stuffs away.

Hum, easy right?

I think knowing these principles will help me to clean ... everything!