If life only to wake up early,
Works hard,
Please the bosses,
Getting Salary hike
Return home
Back to sleep for the same thing in the next day,
not so much in meaning of life

but, what is the meaning of living?

If life only to find someone to live with
Choosing woman
Choosing man
getting married,
takes the role of human reproduction,
Have kids,
Craving dreams
for bigger house,
Bigger yards
More houses, More cars, more maids,
More jewelries,
More woman,
More man,
Ah, what is the meaning of living?

If life only to bragging yourself to your friends,
Or people around you
Hope your name eternal in the world
Proud of what you do, what you did, what you think, what you have done,
Should the world has crowned you as Messiah,
Your name linger in the people memory like Newton or Einstein
Still, what is the meaning of living?

Since you will leave everything in second,
Since your house will become dust,
Since your body will go astray,
Since the world is moving too fast and leaving your legacy behind,
Since this universe will stop expanding and shrink or explode
And back to its nothingness,

So, what is the meaning of living?
Now, today?

What is the meaning of beauty?
What is the meaning of happiness?
What is the meaning of sadness?
What is the meaning of words, thousand words that human has invented?


Why this word is invented?

: Because humans sees too many death
And knowing, naturally, there is something opposite to death
in them,
Like the idea of knowing a pair,
Man and woman,
Black and white,
Right and left,
Body and Soul

Body will go astray,
But there is something remain
That will not go astray,
The soul

If life only this body,
What is the meaning of living, then?

But life provides other than this material reality
Life provides realities that still unknown,
Life provides the reality of soul
That is still unexplored, longing to be found

Behind the cloak of all material things that provides nothing but emptiness.
There is a meaning

I am sure now
Are you?

ps: you can joint if you want ... and it becomes a dialogue !