Sudirman's Sun

Sudirman is name of the road that i've been working in a foreign company, for more than 7 years.. or 8 years.. anyway, quite a long time.. Working in foreign company creates such a comfort zone that some people dream of. Good payment and easy, easy, easy job.

Easy because what they need mostly is your local knowledge, local wisdom, and solution. Thats why they hired you as "local staff". No matter how good you are, in front of them you just a "local staff". An indigenous that they hire to make them understand the native land.

Good thing working with foreigner was you were challenged with completely different culture and mindset, standard, ( interesting to learn.. but after several years, you feel exhausted because it always you who have to made adjustment, simply because its them who write number in your salary slip)

And it would be harder if you work with a nation who used to be isolated for thousand years, before accepting foreigners in their land. Tendency of closed mindset is obvious. You see them as a puppet in a string (works controls them) and if you smart enough you can be the puppeteer. However, a lonesome puppeteer, knowing that they see you as their reflection.

Several months ago, with all syndrome of fatigue and feel of under utilized and a good agreement on pension compensation (he he, thats' important, guys), I decided to quit.

Reason? well, anything.. took a master degree, resting..

The decision is so relieving, more than i realize, and i got pregnant.. a month after. Wow. and it seems a successful one.. (hopefully.. please God).. Now, im entering the last month working here.

Well, im gonna miss this office a litlle bit. Especially, financial assuredness every month. But, one must make decision, take a step ahead (maybe not comforting for a while)... and im sure, a great adventure, happier life and bright future waiting ahead. Like morning sun I very much enjoy this morning in Sudirman.