second step: clear my head

Even im a journalist for 9 years, i do not hold on physical evidence to judge things in my life. Im dwelling in dreams. imaginations. massive logic. emotions. I react spontaneously. Sometimes, signs, dreams, feeling, tendency, speak when it becomes reality. I just let it slides.

But living like that for almost your whole life, its like a mess.
Its like you don't clean your desk for whole couple of years. You just take what presented in front of you, and react. you dont know anything, but make certain perception and take action. i think it is time to bring a little bit of journalism sense into my life.

I have to stand on a clear logic to explain things
I have to continue to redefine everything, i will not let myself dwelling in anything, I will clear my head. And hopefully, You, My Lord, will in and show me the real things.