A holiday

Today, is Saturday. My 6 years old son is playing with his friends in the living room, the rest of three of us: my 3 yo old  daughter is enjoying you tube episodes, Lucy '"the drama queen" channel. My husband, as usual, glues in his mobile phone and watching, reading everything that is exposed in his fb timeline.  Im trying to read a book, but i feel that i want to write.

It is a peaceful holiday where everyone can have their own happiness without necessary doing everything together. We might go to a mall at the afternoon, and let the children play.. and perhaps, me and my husband will have a cheap Ramen somewhere in the mall.

This is a holiday of a 40 years old mother,  a worker, and once a while a businessman [but i rarely touch that role again in the last couple of months] . Actually, I prefer to see myself as writer.. but to see a lot of my writing project abandon because of my work life, and its really difficult to find a time just to read books and write... i feel doubt of my life preference, now.  The creative world sometimes not really coherent with money or income..

I work as consultant in a UN institution, sounds cool, and it is cool. It gives me a new challenges,  new understanding of work scheme [ i am paid daily here, and it depends to my WORKPLAN :), and not bad, but i might ask a little more for my daily payment] I meet new people.. but now im trying to back to gain the balance, and i want to see my self as a "writer" more..not a businessman, not a consultant. but i want to write more, because simply, it is the way i breathe.

And i probably will write more in English.. because this is the way for me to say "Hi" to the world, and i think the best way to start this, is just to start writing again.

the "Love" Engine

I often read in Sufi poems, that without Love, it is impossible to create the universe and the human kind. Love, they say, an important, essential, foundation for all creation. It is Love that makes any creation is possible and through Love God speaks in his Beauty to human.  It is God's Love that we see in the thousand stars in the sky,  in the depth of the sea, in any expertise and totality of humans in doing what they love, it is God's love in every noble act that we treasure.

Most of the time, we can not distinguish between love and lust. Lust relates with the physical needs, but love is not only lust. Lust can be an important part of love, but love is bigger and purposefully different with lust. As a subject, Love has its long term plan, for something big and pure. Lust, it sometimes goes randomly, whatever its all under God's plan and will.

Love is special, and it will take you to another journey. So, I will welcome you, Love, with all my heart, with its all pureness and patient. And I will ask God not to let lust cover His noble purposes putting an increased doses of love in my heart now. It's all for you God, for your Name and Eternity.