To judge where we are in the dark projection of world future

(A self political manifesto, in attempt to stop the restless mind)

Now, im reading “The Tree That Fell To the West, “ a compilation of teaching of M.R Bawa Muhaiyaddien , a srilankan sufi, who has explained with clarity and wisdom of God’s existence in every second of humans life.

In a chapter, he explained his spiritual experienced witnessing God’s words explained him about dark future of the world as how the nature would be stumbling down, and humans would be possessed and ruled by evil desires, world would be kept in darkness, and give room only to the massive hypocrisy.

The chapter reminds me of other projections from a great number of spiritualist here and there, who has the same dim projection. And now, we don’t need a spiritualist to see how this world is going to end.

Global warming becoming more real everyday in every place of the world. I don’t need to explain how bad it is. Everyone in this world has their own version of their experience in a earthquake, trap in flood, witnessing hurricane. The threat of a global natural disaster is real in front of us.

How about world leaders? We see that so called respected nations leaders who rule this world has done nothing to the betterment of their people. Words are becoming more important than actions. United Nations has proven that they can not function when they do nothing to unilateralism action by some countries in the world. The understanding that world has moved to more civilized nature by putting consensus and multilateralism first, is merely illusion. Humans are not changed from time to time. They have betrayed their own achievement of finding great values that hopeful to elevate their quality, by trying to violate these values everyday. We witness those shameful acts from the lowest level in our neighborhood, in the government buildings, in the parliament corners, in the world institutions.

We witness that. We abhor that. And what we can do?

Some people choose to move across became a radicalist in their own way, a revolutionist freedom fighter ( I will not use most popular political encoding word such as terrorist) a religion radicalist, an environment radicalist, a leftist, a rightist, building illusion upper illusion and create more anger, damage, and blood.

Some people choose to hide, and build their own world, praying in the corner of their houses, made exclusive groups and waiting for the doomsday. They see that the hope is end. What they can do is wait, and pray, and do nothing.

I don’t think those choices are productive.

I remember in some teaching, including Bawa, reminds me that, the world outside us is merely a projection of the world inside me. Humans wildness, and vengeance, hatred , and anger, is taking their real projection in this world, trough the nature outside, and also the people act.

I like the concept. I can not explain further the reason, why I am interested in the concept. But, I think that concept explained a substantial, an inherent relevance of humans, nature and the people. One with minimum spiritual knowledge, will naturally know that there is a single reality that is personal beyond their physical body.

How if I say that the crumbling world, the nature and its people, is a mirror of the emptiness in humans? The emptiness in each of us? Their anger its our anger. Their frustration its our frustration. Their vengeance its our vengeance. Their confusion is our confusion. Their greediness is our greediness? Their moral corruption, their adultery.. the darkness that we witness now, is a mirror, showing our own darkness?

I think we can not appoint any injustice or anything, without looking inside us first. To have a self revolutionary act, is a must for everyone who wants to change the world. If one can change one-self, there is a hope to change the world. Maybe the answer of this dark projection of future, is each of us.

How to start this act? But, what is self anyway?

To start the self revolutionary act is to know what is self.

To know who I am.

I think that’s the biggest homework for me, maybe for everyone.