Gossiping The Blogger

I deliberately take this opportunity so to speak, gossiping...bloggers, me, included. This writing is inspired by other friends story who celebrate their life through their blogs, much more like me.

Blog, a window to a personal expose, nothing wrong with it except, a daily life Blog is just a sign of loneliness, narcissistic, inability to connect with social world orally, normally, humanly.

Instead to create a healthy social relationship and communication, a Blogger chooses an unknown address in (almost) unlimited virtual world, to expose him/herself. And shamelessly, begging everyone to read it, by displaying a reader counter in the web or a personal announcement mail to let everyone, in the world, know what he/ she writes. Is it important? Hey, a blogger think so. I think so. I ask people to read my blog.

So what is a blog, then?
It's a virtual therapy for a lost soul, in post modern civilization, an instant answers to attention seeking personality disorder.


Hey, don't be offended, I too a blogger, and I probably will keep writing this pathetic thing.
Let's laugh together, it's heatlhy.

(the picture is describing narcissus, a greek myth about a young man who fell in love with his own reflection..)

Ps: You know why I love you, honey? because you dont blog. you never find time for this kind of cheesy things :) he he..