to the pond

Bring me close
to the pond of wisdom
to the content heart
and tranquil soul

open this eyes
show me things that lost from sight
covered by dust of mind, sins and desire

Source of Light
Cleanse me with knowledge that no one knew
keys to open secret gate of my heart
to find what You want of me
my sacred vow

bring me close
to the pond of wisdom
that You owned

how to see the world without perspective

my favorite question when i was a journalist .. was.." what is your perspective about.." i often intrigued to explore, one's view, their personal reference, on a subject, represented in a frame called "perspective".

The word "perspective" is sophisticated enough to make source impressed, and think that i was not ordinary journalist.. This word, "perspective" brings me to become friend withseveral names that you often read in newspaper, made me looks, somehow, smart.

The problem was, and this is secret, ... when they answered my question, and explained their "perspective" i was dragged into unknown territory. Most of them put theories in their answer. You can imagine, how can I understand diplomat excitingly explained the iraqi war with well... theories, or seismologist explained the earthquake with scientific words.. and they didnt know, that they were facing the dumbest journalist in the world..

My way to survive, was, showing a vacant expression, asking some logic that i couldnt reach (LOGIC not meaning of words, because it wasting time, and showing the "dark side" of me) and wrote in capital alphabet in my notebook words that i can't understand. In the office, Google settled my problem.

Well it was 7 months ago.

Seeing my rather comical experience from far away, i realize when i asked someone about their perspective, their answer was not their own perspective but other person perspective by quoting theories, or wise words from some wise man. One said: nothing new under the sun..
but i think total submission to one's theory showing your inability to portray world with your own eyes.

the first step to release yourself from such, unoriginal attitude, is release yourself from theories. Think outside the box. radically, there is no perspective about anything. let your eyes wide open then try to say things as it is, to see things as it is.

I know, its rather impossible. It's like challenges wheel of civilization (he he i can't belive i wrote "wheel of civilization" made me look smart, huh? ) . but who knows, what you will find. You create your own words, understanding, definition, and theories. Off course it will be influenced by how many books you read, music you listen to, but anyway, there is no" your perspective, as long as you quote theories.

eve maybe there is no perspective about anything, first.
Only you and fact in front of you. and you start digging.
somehow, i think, God like this better.