Life teaches us to stay light like the air
Even when lightning tear off our sky
or thunder storms our silent bay
we are still nothing, nay
we are still nothing
and why bother to overly react?

life teaches us to be strong like the old tree
stay still, unshaken
she lets the children climb up her branch
dont mind if its cracked
she has given the best for each time she grows
no matter when she cut off
or die in time
she'll be ready

Life teaches us to be honest like children laugh
free, open, unaffraid..
their clarity inviting the light
made the children so curiously happy
even in the dark

Life teaches us to be down to earth...
the earth
to spread out
and accept
try to be fertile
and safe

a sanctuary for the plants, for the people
for the ships, and animals
for the kinds, for the culprit

Life teaches us to seek who we are
since we are living in a beauty of rhyme
since we are involving in unexpected game
since we are challenged in unknown territories
who we are,
what is life,
why we are here?

Life teaches us to learn and find the answer