Battle in the castle
of wicked flame
and the Light
Aren't we only human?
and our Heart
is the Colosseum
of war
between our heroic part
and those wicked ones
and I'm drifting
in this realm
not a heroine
definitely not a heroine
May You forgive me Lord
Despite my cowardice
my shameful act
my embarrassing foolishness
I beg You
allow me to continue
to feel
and be grateful
for Your real, boundless affection
of Love and tenderness

First stone

this is your first stone
comes from your patience, hard work, and persistence
and this first stone
from the Source of Inspirations
that you have given your self into

Sad and happiness is other side of a coin
proud and humiliation just a playful creature in the lake
wagging us with their tail
seduce us
drown us

stand still
and hear the rhyme
and slowly step to your next stone
and next stone
and next stone
and thousand stones ahead

be a servant
of truth and honesty
and let your soul
spread the wing
and fly

Jakarta, December 18

ps: Dedicated for my husband Dul, award winner of television Journalism from UNICEF and Alliance of Independent Journalist (AJI) for documentary movie about children.

joker asks

There is a joker
Hidden beneath my skin
“Do you seriously want to meet God?
It just your poor bluffing, mate
What do you want?
Do you think you have that holly ring in your head?
You are the laughing stock of the creatures, heaven and earth
Look at you
Who are you, really?” said joker laughing heartily.

There is a joker
Hidden in my ear
licking my ear with his menace tongue
“Do you think you can meet God
don’t you remember His answer to your pray
Masked Man.
You’re still using your deceitful mask
Hiding your disgusting face ,
Mundane world sucker beast!” He slapped my ear with his foot.

There is joker
Hidden somewhere
In me

I think I know him, long long.. time ago..