first step: clean my desk

first step to know who i am is to know my weaknesses.
the first and foremost weakness is, okay, i am filthy.
wait, not need to be over interpretation by saying: "well everyone is filthy animal...!"
no. I mean i am literally filthy,
dont be deceived by my appearance with the headscarf or anything..
a friend said that i look like a teacher or something (not a journalist, unfortunately)

Wait until you see my bag, or worst, my desk. working desk.
Hum, its like seeing a dirty pond. you can not see the bottom.

Tonight i cleaned my working desk,

the right word is, i threw anything that looks like over-used.
and what did I find?

well, some books, important books that i have been looking for..

East timor Constitutions, i was keep downloading that trough Google, i forgot that i have printed it. and pictures.. memorable pictures..

God, looks what i found when i cleaned my desk..

what will i find if clean my self?
but, i will not go too far
the second step is, i think, washing my hair
i haven't washed for ...
well already too much informations :))
i should stop now.

he, he

i like cleaning up.
i dont know it can be this fun.

ps: thanks for pak usin who has helped me patiently tonight..:))