conqueror of the ocean

This morning, i read in a book poetical quotes of Cheng Ho,
placed at the temple at the mouth of the Min River on the Fujian coat, China.
It said:

“We have traversed more than 100,000 li
of immense water spaces,
have beheld in the ocean huge waves
like mountains rising sky-high.

We have set eyes on barbarian regions far away,
hidden in a blue transparency of light vapours,
while our sails, loftily unfurled like clouds,

Day and night continues their course,
rapid like that of a star,
traversing those savage waves,"

I feel that, each of us are sailing our own ship everyday, in the ocean of life.
We have beheld in the "ocean huge waves, like mountains rising sky high" , and we continue to sail, no matter what,
hope, our ship continue to cleave trough the ocean, "rapid like that of a star,"

I wish all of us have all the spirit, courage, wisdom, we need..
to conquer the ocean
and together reach island of eternity
the land for the brave..


ps: for my brave Comerades. salute. teach me how to sail.

Today Is No Sunday

music by white shoes and couples company
song and lyrics:Aprillia Aprasari

Its rainy season and the grey clouds
complete the theme
the rusty fence, the noisy thunder
creepy storm and the falling trees

Television, tea and coffee
all the books are getting dusty

If there is a way i will catch up for you
visit the spring

Where the ices are melting
and the new plants are growing
flower is blooming
and lovers are kissing

life choice affair

In an interview, Dylan Thomas said poetry is statement made on the way to the grave. These words cut my heart in pieces.

Thomas definition of poetry explains things like: anything that is too beautiful, so beautiful, makes you cry?

What is the right word for this? melancholy? right. melancholy.

Melancholy is always in tune with introvert, something closed and hidden. Its just painful and full with desperation.

Meanwhile, in another interview, John Lennon said: usually something real, is simple, and everything that is simple, is true.

I think there is always two perspectives in life that we can choose: Thomas or Lennon perspective.

What will you choose, dwelling in desperation, endless pain or unrevealed passion like Thomas or break the mundane life in such honest, rock and roll tune, like Lennon?

Anything, it always depend on each of us, how to see life.
I choose anything that makes my soul free.

well.. maybe.. a taste of John Lennon simplicity make things better.
A little bit. :))


(kutipan satu sampai tiga)

Hawya pegat ngudiya ronging budyayu, Margane suka basuki,
Dimen luwar kang kinayun, Kalis ing panggawe sisip,Ingkang taberi prihatos.

Ulatna kang nganti bisane kepangguh, Galedehan kang sayekti,
Talitinen awya kleru, Larasen sajroning ati, Tumanggap dimen tumanggon.

Pamanggone aneng pangesthi rahayu, Angayomi ing tyas wening,
Eninging ati kang suwung, Nanging sejatining isi, Isine cipta sayektos.

(Serat Sabdojati, Ranggawarsita)


megatruh (memutus ruh)

Janganlah berhenti, selalu berusaha berbuat kebajikan, agar mendapat kegembiraan, keselamatan serta tercapai segala cita-cita, terhindar dari perbuatan yang bukan-bukan, caranya haruslah gemar prihatin.

Dalam hidup keprihatinan ini pandanglah dengan seksama segala sesuatu sebagaimana adanya. Telitilah jangan sampai salah, endapkan didalam hati, agar mampu menangkap dan menempatkan.

Cara menempatkannya adalah dengan menyelaraskan dengan keindahan, melindungi di dalam kejernihan hati. Kejernihan hati yang kosong, namun sebenarnya berisi.
Isinya adalah cipta yang sejati.

diambil dari website:

the third eye

concept of third eye, its known in the west and east. Means the eye of wisdom.

I remember dialog in a movie, where an Indian girl asked by American-guy, why she needs to put the red spot between her eyebrows, and she said "Its the third eye, we need that. Sometimes, these two eyes not enough for us,"

In Hinduism and Buddhism, the third eye is a symbol of enlightenment. In the Indian tradition, it is referred to the the eye of knowledge, which is the seat of the "teacher inside". The "teacher inside" in one of Islamic sufism teaching, known as, Ruhul Quds, or "Holly spirit " that every human born with. "Light upon the light" as it mentioned in the Qur'an surrah An-nur: 35.

For me, having the third eye, does not mean you can see the future, or see beyond physical realities. Some people might be given talent or gift to have that. But, having the third eye, means that you can deliver wisdom, or at least you try to deliver wisdom, to face reality of mundane.

In western science, the third eye, is common known in the neuro-psychology, as spot in the brain, called the pineal gland. A senior psychologist I know, said the the neoro-psycho scientist suspects the pineal gland as "the bridge" between soul and human body. Active pineal gland found in the brain of indigo child. Some Scentist in the west call pineal gland as the third eye.

Soul, a completely different entity from human physical bodies who can understand things beyond reality, and deliver the wisdom. Soul an eternal variable in us, human. The delicate one inside us who is longing for the truth. The substance. Entity who connects human with the Beyond. God.

In my understanding, and knowing of my limit as ordinary human, without extra abilities to see beyond realities or future, having the third eye, is the ability to transcend from routine live and problems, sees all from high above, and finding the substance in each reality, deliver the wisdom and act accordingly.

The ability to transcend famous in Sufism method as "to die". it means "to die" from everything that forming us now such as job, friends, family, books, music, etc. for me, "To die" does not mean we leave everything behind, or drawing the lines, but 'to die" means to detach all the things that- we think- is us. To die from classifications. to die from ownership. to die from definition. to die from the self.

To die of every "my" we know :))..
My job, My family, My parents, My computer, My handphone, My Car..
everything that we think, define us.

Its a way o f thinking "out of the box", boxes, literally.
Out from the job box, family box, friends box, conflict with boss in the office box.
Out, out, out from those reality that we know temporary. and not real.
to let the soul transcends and looking back to see everything in distance,
find the substances, with the eye of wisdom.

The third eye.

May God continue to show us the way.

summer dance

I wait you in the rainbow
let alone the jealous sky
thousand stars are wailing
shoving clouds
taming the wind

Lets play
down to sea,
dive to the bottom of the ocean

fly into the air,
touch the butterfly wings
hop to the trees
pick the mocking bird nest

this beauty,
let it be no words
let it be nothing
but us

ps: thanks kikujiro, you make me write again !...

Tombo Ati
by: opick

Tombo ati iku limo perkorone
Kaping pisan moco Qur’an lan maknane
Kaping pindo sholat wengi lakonono
Kaping telu wong kang sholeh kumpulono
Kaping papat kudu weteng ingkang luwe
Kaping limo dzikir wengi ingkang suwe

Salah sawijine sopo iso ngelakoni
Mugi-mugi Gusti Allah nyembadani

Obat Hati ada lima perkaranya
Yang pertama baca Qur’an dan maknanya
Yang kedua sholat malam dirikanlah
Yang ketiga berkumpullah dengan orang sholeh
Yang keempat perbanyaklah berpuasa
Yang kelima dzikir malam perbanyaklah

Salah satunya siapa bisa menjalani
Moga-moga Gusti Allah mencukupi

Jealousy, what is that actually?

A site tells jealousy typically refers to the negative or angry thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of insecurity, fear, and anxiety that occur when a person believes a valued relationship is being threatened by a rival, or when another person is perceived to have some type of advantage.

Jealousy often contains a mixture of emotions such as anger, sadness, disgust, which are focused by passion or anger. Parrott makes use of the cause of jealousy to define it: “jealousy is an emotion experienced when a person is threatened by the loss of an important relation with another person”

So basically, jealousy concerns something one has and is afraid of losing.
Jealousy is Fear.

Ok, then the question is, is there something that we really have?
we really own?
we dont even have our life
we dont even have our breath..

We are nothing, and have nothing.
and, so joker said: why we are so serious?

and I wrote a letter to a friend today, saying that, besides those ideals, we are pathetically just a modern, post modern human. We are what we read, we are the music that we listen too, we just a code of history ...

and we will leave everything, the form of -me-, soon.
the beautiful -me-,
the grand house of -me-,
proud children of -me-,
lover of -me-,
soon, soon...

And what we will bring when we meet God,
when our heart only full with flame of jealousy?

Dont let the flame burn garden of your heart
blurry your wisdom,
barring your vision,
and destroy your soul.

Salaam :))

Great monologue

O Me! O life !

of the questions of these recurring;
Of the endless trains of the faithless—of cities fill’d with the foolish;   
Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish than I, and who  more faithless?)   
Of eyes that vainly crave the light—of the objects mean—of the struggle ever renew’d;   
Of the poor results of all—of the plodding and sordid crowds I see around me;          
Of the empty and useless years of the rest—with the rest me intertwined;   
The question, O me! so sad, recurring—What good amid these, O me, O life?      


That you are here—that life exists, and identity;
That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.

- Walt Whitman