(kings of convenience, 2004)

Riding on this know-how
Never been here before
Peculiarly entrusted
Possibly that's all

Is history recorded?
Does someone have a tape?
Surely, I'm no pioneer
Constellations stay the same
Just a little bit of danger
When intriguingly
Our little secret
Trusts that you trust me

'Cause no one will ever know
That this was happening
So tell me why you listen
When nobody's talking

What is there to know?
All this is what it is
You and me alone
Sheer simplicity

ps: forgive me for all .. im just silly


maxmsasprgs said...

Eh...maybe u should learn 4th dimension....hehehe...It'll answer most of'll understand 4th dimension's exist...and will know well us...3rd dimensional creature which is dumb....hehehe...

the writer said...

4th dimention creature? interesting. is it transparent? can we see inside out? is it like salvador dali paintings? tell me

Sunny said said...

Hey, female philosopher, u're just tagged. By me. Check out my blog to find out what it is.

*wink wink*