I question the disasters that haunt them, haunt us, haunt me
I question the grief,
I question my questions

A friend with lame voice from far- far - far away said:

"Once, God said in Al-Quran, the disaster means to cleanse your heart,"

(The translation may false, anyway in Indonesian: membersihkan apa yang ada di dadamu)

Whose heart to cleanse? To those who beliefs? I asked dully,

"Yeah, those who beliefs," (with lamer voice..)

What's other than beliefs can save us from this.
Tears cleanse the heart,
the unspeakable grief, cleanse, whatever in our heart
No cynic, No jokes, No questions
When everything is just, there.
In front of us.

I have other friend, who didn't believe in God,
he went to Patayya, Thailand, after Tsunami,
just to see corpses buoy in the sea.

"It is very silent here now, only corpses float in the sea. They look innocent, just like corals," he said through the phone.

"One can be crazy, If they don't try to find meaning of all this loss," he said again. More to himself.

Later I know he begins to pray. I still don't know what's his beliefs, religion..

i dont really care. i know, his heart is cleansed.

For Aceh, Nias, Yogyakarta, Pangandaran, for me

Ps: thanks lame voice..


kuyazr said...

I wish I could 'see' the truth....It because what I see is always false....

ijonk said...

we never know,are they sad or glad to see their lord.. maybe... so, why we have to shed tears to them, mungkin malah ada sudah pingin ketemu sama "maha" penyayangnya bu.. yang kasihan ya yang di tinggalin..kita-kita ini.. sama SBY.. pusing kliatannya..