You know girl,
its not my blog projection to post something "friendsterism" like this, however since you are my loyal fans, ( he he) helped me a lot with this blogs and always, our crazy, "nggak ada saringan", liberating chats (i admire you for that) and also... well, I consider this "fun" to distract me from dull covering that im doing now, okay, okay...apa deh yang nggak buat elu.. :)

Four jobs that I've had

1. part time Teacher
2. part time Researcher in a small NGO projects
3. Journalist in several companies, until to day.

it should be four? hum..blogger? ( he he i dont get pay for this) , lets say,

4. freelance columnist (at least i try once a year..)

Five movies I could watch over and over

1. Serendipity.
2. Before Sunset
3. What woman wants.
3. Sense and sensibility
4. Eternal Sunshine in the spotless mind.

Four places I've lived in
1. Kraksaan, a sub district in east java.
2. Serang, where i spent my teen's time.
3. Bandung, where i learn to read for the first time (kindergatten), my university years.
4. Jakarta, where i born, where i live, at least for now.

Four TV shows I love or loved

I dont watch TV much, except news..or..ah, movies.
Sometimes i watch movie in TV station, even I have watched it, or the movie is somewhere in the cds shelf.
1. Ria jenaka
2. hunter
3. a japanese doku drama (i saw it when i was in high school, forgot the title, but a girl names rika akana was in the movie, i remember the song)
4. isaura ( when i was in junior high school, i remember the song)

Five places I have been on my vacation
1. Malang
2. Kyoto
3. Paris
4. Siam reap ( the abandon city of Angkor)
5. Yogyakarta
i've been in many places. some of them for jobs, some of them mix, job and vacation. But, in this five places, i find some essences: tranquility, soul.., mirrors? ..

Four favorite dishes
1. sushi
2. Fried noodles, any brand. but , it must be instant fried noodles.
3. manggo
4. star fruit juice

Four website I visit daily
2. AFP
3. my blog
4. other blogs

Four places I would rather be right now

1. Kyoto
2. a village between frankfurt and paris, i dont know the name, but the houses like in fairy tale. I only saw it from the train.
3.i like it here ( now, im in a place where its easy for me to go to the nice book stores)
4. a place, where no one knows me

Four bloggers I'm tagging (i dont know, i dont tag people.., but ive to follow the rule right?and i doubt they will joint this)

. kuyazr

si dita

gk ada lagi :( , i dont have much friends in blog..udah deh ya.. cape. ..


Sunny said said...

Hahaha, good girl, good girl. Btw, friendsterism is good, as long as u don't jump to the airheaded crowd who tag u with anything stupid, like: "where were u when Mariott/ Bali bombing happened?"


Ah, ur blog's much more readable now. Hehehe.

Sunny said said...

Oh btw, ur TV-shows selection really shows ur real age, u know (read: tuwir). Hahahaha.

the writer said...

well i am tuwir in some part..and young in some part..he he he..

ijonk said...

four words i have to said,
.. this is the payment for the fourth job.. hahaha.. high enough,rite??

kuyazr said...

kuyazr?...oh mi God, eh oh I am God!

the writer said...

to ijonk: rite...thanks mate..!

to kuyazr:..well u have to watch out for that..

hana_fee said...

a japanese doku drama (i saw it when i was in high school, forgot the title, but a girl names rika akana was in the movie, i remember the song)
--> "Tokyo Love Story" kah???

the writer said...