Doing the right thing

A good friend of mine, far away from a nation in the north east ,
asked me to day :

Sis, I wonder, are we supposed to believe in anything?
Did God put us here to test our beliefs, or just to amuse himself?
Sometimes i wish i can just shut everything off, win the lottery and enjoy myself, and forget about doing things right or even doing the right thing.

My answer was:

I heard once that God creates human for Him to be recognized
But, after we know that He is there, then so what?
Its still difficult to understand Him
His complexity is beyond our reach
But, i think It's always right to do the right thing (or doing things right)
Because maybe, in doing it, we are in attempt to understand Him.

I think, "In attempt" is the most benign moment in life.

In attempt to be.... the first runner in a race,
In attempt to be....a good wife or good husband
In attempt to be ....the best sales man or girl
In attempt to be.....a good friend, good mother, good brother or sister
In attempt to be .... Me..

Well, we can fail in all those "in attempt" things..
but we have tried. we have embarked, faced the demon.

We might fail, but we will never loose.

ps: a good self theraphy :)) ..


Merry Mama said...

What about attempting to be a good blogger? I mean I write decently? What is it that renders my voice quiet?

And still, I love it, so I will do it. Thank you for visiting my site.

the writer said...

well, that will do :)), im fans of your blog, you write honestly.. your welcome. please come again.

kuyazr said...

God isn't just there...God's in attempt to passes us be in God's....if we could...if we want to..but if we don't, it doesn't matter's I know...but I can get missed...