Drama, Drama..

I don't like football, rrr, okay, it is more honest to say, that I don't watch football but with some exceptions, like world cup finals or some matches in Italian's league.
I like Italian league mainly because, hum well, they are just beautiful ! (he he)

and World cup finals? mainly it's a guarantee of football world class performance:
I can enjoy that. World cup finals also involve thick emotion: a romantic - nationalistic battle - a matter life and death without guns and its fun to feel the merry and watch the crazy supporters.

I am not a football fans and yet I'm not "anti football". I'm not the person who goes to a cafe to watch a match or wear T-shirt belong to some groups or countries. Those behaviors will make me feel, somehow, alienated. (Perhaps, if Indonesia goes to world cup, I'll wear Indonesian t-shirt, if it looks good, anyway)

I like to watch football in my home, mostly alone, if I can't sleep, or trying to write something (mostly stuck or block) and always with a cup of tea. Or if I cant write anything, I try to cook something (mostly instant sardines or noodles, he he, just to make me busy).

Live football match in TV gives me sense, that i'm not alone. There is a bunch of crazy people out there who still wake up in the middle of the night and watch TV. I'm not a serious spectator, but still, I feel upset if I don't see the goals.

Most of the football match is boring. But, beside natural physical attraction that creates some exception in me (ha, ha), football match becomes interesting with the "drama" .

Football involves so much human's emotion, ambition, frustrations, pride, deception, sadness, happiness. You can see laugh and tears in football and also you can learn wisdom, sportive minds, wiliness, and tricks.

It is just another reflection of humanity in us.

I think it's the drama that attracts spectators all over the world, not just the techniques.

Remember, Maradonna hand's of God goal (I remember my pap yelled with surprise when he saw that in TV, but I didn't understand, I was too small to understand, is it in 1986?), two goals of Zidane that brought France into world cup champion in 1998 and soared his name.

and now, in 2006, Zidane blemishes his glowing carrier with surprising head butts to Matarazzi's chest, an Italian defender.
This emotional act caused him a red card 10 minutes before the match end. such infamous end for Zidane, who has decided to retire after the 2006 world cup.

I start my job this morning, reading news wires, try to find the reason why Zidane did such irrational and embarrassing things for him and France. Loosing Zidane made France lost its captain, lost the spirit, lost a valuable player for penalty and at the end, lost the world cup.

Most of the experts, believe, Zidane was provoked by Matarazzi's words, no one knows, what Matarazi said to Zidanne. Maybe it will be one of the world's mysteri.

Italia wins with penalty. Anticlimax. But, who cares? They have the world cup..
And France, hum.. dwells in tears..
Les Bleus ces't la vie.., ces't la vie..

this is just another play? rite? God, do you enjoy football?

Ps: we are just the same :)), funny isn't it?


kuyazr said...

football?...watching 18 trillion gone for care?..is that really care?...football?

the writer said...

hehe..thanks for giving a very critical perspective, indeed.. Now, every fun is going to cost you a bit, rite? this material, material, world...

kuyazr said...

remember..I am GOD...GOD is justice & equal...

ijonk said...

Just like you bu, God doesn’t like foot ball too much, He just like maybe a piece of world Cup or Italian league even deliberately..
But He knew what matarazzi say to zidanne,. In no doubt bu..

the writer said...

well, matarazzi just a piece of s****t don't you think? :))