Today Is No Sunday

music by white shoes and couples company
song and lyrics:Aprillia Aprasari

Its rainy season and the grey clouds
complete the theme
the rusty fence, the noisy thunder
creepy storm and the falling trees

Television, tea and coffee
all the books are getting dusty

If there is a way i will catch up for you
visit the spring

Where the ices are melting
and the new plants are growing
flower is blooming
and lovers are kissing


Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaikum siska how r u?

Dhifa said...

Assalamu'alaikum siska how r u?
I hope we can be a best friend

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mbak. Thanks banget atas lirik lagunya.. (udah pontang panting banting tulang peras keringat- baru ketemu di sini...)

Anonymous said...

Like This, makasih ya atas post liriknya. akhirnya dapat jg.ahaha

suryo setiawan said...

mba tangkiu liriknya..
ktmunya disini
makasih banyak mba'e