conqueror of the ocean

This morning, i read in a book poetical quotes of Cheng Ho,
placed at the temple at the mouth of the Min River on the Fujian coat, China.
It said:

“We have traversed more than 100,000 li
of immense water spaces,
have beheld in the ocean huge waves
like mountains rising sky-high.

We have set eyes on barbarian regions far away,
hidden in a blue transparency of light vapours,
while our sails, loftily unfurled like clouds,

Day and night continues their course,
rapid like that of a star,
traversing those savage waves,"

I feel that, each of us are sailing our own ship everyday, in the ocean of life.
We have beheld in the "ocean huge waves, like mountains rising sky high" , and we continue to sail, no matter what,
hope, our ship continue to cleave trough the ocean, "rapid like that of a star,"

I wish all of us have all the spirit, courage, wisdom, we need..
to conquer the ocean
and together reach island of eternity
the land for the brave..


ps: for my brave Comerades. salute. teach me how to sail.