life choice affair

In an interview, Dylan Thomas said poetry is statement made on the way to the grave. These words cut my heart in pieces.

Thomas definition of poetry explains things like: anything that is too beautiful, so beautiful, makes you cry?

What is the right word for this? melancholy? right. melancholy.

Melancholy is always in tune with introvert, something closed and hidden. Its just painful and full with desperation.

Meanwhile, in another interview, John Lennon said: usually something real, is simple, and everything that is simple, is true.

I think there is always two perspectives in life that we can choose: Thomas or Lennon perspective.

What will you choose, dwelling in desperation, endless pain or unrevealed passion like Thomas or break the mundane life in such honest, rock and roll tune, like Lennon?

Anything, it always depend on each of us, how to see life.
I choose anything that makes my soul free.

well.. maybe.. a taste of John Lennon simplicity make things better.
A little bit. :))