the wedding

I classify people at the wedding reception.
There are seven types of people that often appear at the wedding, no matter where the wedding is. An expensive wedding, cheap wedding, a garden party, in hype hotels, or in a public street... where you need to put a blockade sign to prevent car or motorcycle passing through, (hei, its common here.. speaking about public right violation.. :)), here, neighbour is part family, or part enemy depending on your mood, ha, ha)
Okay let's start with..

1. The busiest and the "bossiest"

The first and foremost type in this people is the way they walk. Always full speed. And their face is always tense. They ussualy carry a handy-talky, or a mobile phone, or an ear phone that hanging in their ears. They walking back and forth, urge people in the uniform (a wedding committee uniform, you see them with dress in the same style and color, or using a pin in the same place, the same a groups of flock in the lake) to do A and B.
The busiest and the bossiest are rarely smile.

And dont try to make a joke in front of them, what you get is only the cold, indifference smile. Usually, this type has blood tie with the groom or bride.. and they have to responsible every single thing in the event. From the pin to attach the bride cloth, where they put the ring, until.. how to save the couple from an old friend that keep talking and makes hundreds guess queue..

2. The uncontrolled kids

These people are easy to recognize.. cute, and small.. and manipulative, he he. They want more ice cream, want to be in every picture, look under the bride wedding gown, or sometimes pose as doll in the laps of the groom. they run and scream, dance, and sing, free as a bird, in someone else merry. But without them, i think its not real wedding party.

3. The "don't know what to do" people

You see them standing awkwardly in the middle of the crowd, most of them are in the uniform, but not enough confident to show that they are responsible.. hesitate to join the food festive, their eyes gaze confusingly and wait for the order... usually their uniform, is too big, or too short but they have to wear it anyway.. these are the "dont know what to do" people. Ussualy a far relative, or closed friends.. they have the previlege to use the uniform, but there is no spesific duty for them.. so they just keep hoping someone told them to do something.. and they can escape from embarrassing confusion.

4. The Photographer
They have most of the authority. They can ask a minister or president to follow their order. They keep their eye for every single thing that they can freeze. A sour smile, a children cry, a jealous eye, everything. The wedding photographer is the real power holder in every wedding.

5. The food hunter or food taster
They are the happiest face in the wedding. Shaking hand the wedding couple is in the last list. Some of them even dont know the wedding couple. Their eyes always trying to find a new target in the table. Always going around, and around.. with mouth full...

6. The catharsis
You can see this people.. singing with pitch voice, or dancing in a very strange gesture.. they laugh a lot and loudly.. they seem the happiest, yet they are the saddest. they only try to find a place to escape their sorrow..

The last but not least is:

7. the "w" couple

Yah, you know them. They have the most conspicuous outfit among all, and most of them having too much make up. if you curious to see normal man using lipstick.. there. I rarely see groom look nice in the wedding. They seem alienated. But, the bride.. well, they should be the most beautiful of all... but, wait until they see another woman fetch attention of their newly husband.. hum, they changed became tiger. I think most of the groom doesnt like the costume. Its like join a carnival, but you are the center. Its like being a phony King and Queen.. its not cool at all.

and the most interesting question is: What is in the mind of the couple? What do they think about giving their life to the other, after this party over. After all those people gone, what will they do?


diannovi said...

..what will they do, after all people gone? yaa.. cepet2 ngamar, dooongg..
namanya juga penganten baru.

gimana sih ibu ini, gitu aja kok repot?=))

the writer said...

he he.. thanks komentarnya.. sometimes the real question lies between the lines..:))