today i am baptized. My holly name is: " stupid anti smoking campaigner". Thanks to my friend -- a stubborn chained smoker (proudly, shamelessly, self admitted) -- who has bestowed me with such an honor.

I am, I am an anti smoking campaigner. I said no if someone want to smoke beside me, well with some exception: my sources in job, my boss, and someone that I really, really respect. it is just mechanism of survive :)).

But beside that. I say "NO" to smoking. Even marijuana, its better than smoke. its healthier. Well, i don't talk about the hallucinogenic effect of marijuana. I basically not agree with any form of artificial effect to make you "fly".. human has the capacity to go to "the sky" without those kinds of outside "stimulator".. trust me.

But smoke is different. It is generated by industrialist as way of life or part of the trend. Since 16 centuries cigarettes declared as addictive materials. Cigarettes becomes booming in United States since the advertising of a famous brand cigarettes showing a cowboy in the hill in 1967. But ironically, the Marlboro man, star of the add, died of lung cancer in 1997, after he appeared in the share holder meeting inside the company to consider the harmful effect of smoking. They said that they are not responsible with his health condition.

Anyway, I will not preach you about smoking. you can easily can Google it out, or just looking at the people around you. I witness its wicked effect. People that I loved passed away, partly because of cigarette. Don't tell me the statistic. I saw the x-ray. I saw the effect . I saw them dying.

so, stop smoking now, think about people you love.


daniel! said...

anti smoking campaigner is no stupid at all! please baptize me.. ;)

a nice posting is a good present. thanx.

the writer said...

hi daniel,
thanks to visit my blog..
and THANKS to support the campaign..
its ok to be stupid sometimes,
as long as we believe the course..
dont you think?
please come again..:))

Helmy said...

Ada ide gimana cara men-stop smoking buat suami? Stop ya..bukan mengurangi :)

the writer said...

hi hel..
thanks udah mampir!..
rada sulit, kalo nggak ada niat dari "dalem".. teguran orang luar biasanya dianggap noisy atau personal intervention. Pada suatu saat mungkin, kalo dada terasa sakit, baru inget berhenti.. (amit-amit ya! kalo gini) atau mungkin helmy yang sakit, atau anak-anak yang sakit gara-gara expose dari asap rokok, kaya naiknya kekentalan darah (jadi cepet cape), atau malah paru-paru.. mungkin itu bisa jadi pengingat yang paling ampuh.. tapi kalo kaya gini biasanya udah "kasep" dan yang ada rasa nyesel yang nggak abis2. Mungkin kalo khusus buat kasus helmy didoain aja kali ya.. semoga dibukakan hatinya buat berhenti, for the sake of others.. :))