how i remember you

If it's true from the start
That the names of those we love
Are written in our hearts
And we'll search 'till we find
In this jungle of Confusion
Something that reminds us

How we love each other

Then I think I've found the clue
Because I certain I remember you
Through my window I see
How the seasons change like notes

Within some harmony
But the love in our eyes
Is an endless summer
Is a joy that magnifies
Each time we touch each other
And it feels like Deja Vu
As my heart reveals
How I remember you

Day after day I'm amazed
How our love intensifies
In every way it resembles forever

Abandons us never

Like the sunlight that shines
Like the fragrance of the rose

No single word defines
We are tuned to the sound
That displays creation

That our lives revolve around
And sear
ching for each other

From a million hearts we choose
You remember me and I remember you
A chorus of sparrows in summer
Is how I remember you
The fire of maples in autumn

Is how I remember you
The silence of snowfall in winter
Is how I remember you

ps: a michael frank song.. beautiful poet is it? like us, our story.. :)).. miss you all..maming, mamah, papah, mas miko, mbak vie, viko, mas anton, dede, oliver...


dana batnag said...

so sad, sis. way back in college i had this postcard that said..."those we love never truly leave us...they live on in our hearts forever."

the writer said...

Thanks dana.. funny isnt it, we are struggling to face this human's frailty everyday in our life..
How a beautiful memory can turn into an irony, and how those ironical episodes can make us understand our self more?
But beauty is still a beauty in every season and I thank God for everything, for each lesson, that He presented in front of me.. hope He and our loved ones continue to live in our heart..

Anonymous said...

i tagged you :)