Tokyo state of mind*)

it was tokyo in my mind
when I waited for taxi last friday

not the glittering part of Ginza
nor the fancy restaurant,
but a dim part , the silent corner,
near Ueno and Minowa
the street with no name
I waited for taxi there two years ago
and I remember there was no people

Except huge streets
and cars passing by
i just joined a summer dance
in a suburban
where people gathered to celebrate warmest month of the year..
the music was surreal, the dance was nothing near beautiful
it was only two old ladies with Yukata*)
and moving in strangest dance I ever seen
and asking people to make a circle and dance together
i joined the circle
blended myself with the rhythm
they asked me to claps
followed their move, and laughed at my confusion
and me, laughed at myself
i remember a scene in milan kundera's book of laughter and forgetting
when bohemian students gather to make a circle and dance during the rally
and their circle is flying away, they are flying away, way, way out to the sky..
It is Tokyo in my mind
still today, right now
the air, the cloud, the people,
can a city made your heart fall, so badly?
especially a megapolitan where humans are so indifference?
where people found killing themselves is, was, way out of honor?
why I retained peace where people killing their souls with machine?
If i can sing like Billy Joel,
I would say "Im in the Tokyo state of mind.. "

*)taken from billy joel song: newyork state of mind
*) yukata= simple kimono for summer
*) the dim picture was picture near minowa, where i stayed the last time i visited Tokyo..
its not exjactly the street where i feel dejavu, but looked like it