Meet God in your litle step

It is not hard to meet Him,
You can meet with His acts, His words
in you everyday
Not in your dream,
Not somewhere in the 7 layers of sky
But in you, in every second of your life

When you swept dry leafs in the yard this morning
Do you recognize it is His language of sacrifice?
He gives everything to you
and only asking you to get pleasure from those
His vision of nature,
Asking the old leaf to die, surrender to the ground,
Let the new life begin

When you feel sad to the atrocities around you,
Even when it is only an ant who killed abruptly?
It is His compassion, His tenderness speaks trough you,
let you understand His vision of love and tender care

When you feel that you are loved?
Or missed?
It is His love around you
He misses you, and loves you
More, more, more, more, more, more…
Than you'll ever wanted to know..