Small Things

I took a day off yesterday, and it was nice. Thanks to my husband who suggested me to detach a bit from hussle bussle daily work.

I did mentally, physically.

Alone, away from internet, mobile phone, people, news, made me : finished murakami`s book norwegian wood, saw three movies (two of them were, interesting, told u later) and indulged my chaostic, incoherrent, interior taste by re-design the living room.

What I call living room, is only a small room in our home, with books in the bookshelf, a couch, a rotan chair and table.

I mean that the only things we have in our small living room, and hum.. hang on the wall, there is a retro poster of theater performance in Paris in 1940`s (the frame cost a lot more than the poster), a papyrus painting from Sudan, small souvenirs from places I or my husband have visited, the souvenirs is placed on a table, suppose to be a phone table with news paper holder. And an old clock from my father`s house.

There is something to be proud of, a pashmina, Afghanistan`s stole, a friend`s present from Kabul (thanks ya peng) that now, covers the couch in the top with another fabric, kind of humm..i dont know, wool or linen from yogyakarta.

My husband said, the new looks remind him hippies living room, I added "yeah, and what we need now is crack.." he he.. But, I think, he kind of like it.

Murakami`s book title Norwegian Wood, reffers to Beatles song with the same title. I was courious of that song, and i found beatles mp3 somewhere, in the cds box. And I listened to that song yesterday.

Do you remember ? (just click):
Listen WAV file

I once had a girl, or should i say, she once had me.
She showed me her room, isn't it good, norwegian wood?
She asked me to stay and she told me to sit anywhere,
So i looked around and i noticed there wasn't a chair.
I sat on a rug, biding my time, drinking her wine.
We talked until two and then she said, "it's time for bed".
She told me she worked in the morning and started to laugh.
I told her i didn't and crawled off to sleep in the bath.
And when i awoke i was alone, this bird had flown.
So i lit a fire, isn't it good, norwegian wood.

(taken from:
Audio Files - The Beatles Music)

I know this song. But, I didnt know the title and until to day i dont get what this songs mean. What is Norwegian wood? Norwegian girl ? Anyway this is a good song to listen to. and I think it matches somehow, with the new look of my living room. Anyway, the bookshelf made from wood :)).

The book teaches me to enjoy the small things. Enjoy the absurdity of live while you`re living it. Enjoy every small momments, in the current. now. there is never yesterday or tomorrow. The story is about a young man with his rebellious mind, sexual experiences, and his abstract undrestanding of love..

The last word on previous paragraph, made me want to talk about the two movies that I saw yesterday, Before sunrise and Before Sunset. Second title is the sequel, but do you know, after how many years the sequel was made? 9 years. Before Sunrise made in 1995 and Before Sunset in 2004. Starred with the same stars Ethan Hawke and July Deeply. The story in the first movie was simple, two strangers met in Eurorail in Europe, An american guy Jesse and French girl Celine, and they decided to stop in vienna, and spent 14 hours, walked and talked, around the city, they just could not stop talking. Its like they were couple for years.

Well, finally they slept together, in a park. But, this movie came to magic when they agreed not to exchange adress or phone number, because they affraid the feeling became ordinary and fade away. The ending of this movie was, they promised to meet, in another six months at the vienna station.

The sequel was, 9 years later (which indeed 9 years after the first movie, Ethan and Jully looks so different, off course they are older..) when they accidentally reunited in Paris. Jesse wrote a novel, that became best sellers their one night and Celine, who became enviromental acitivist, read his novel.

Celine went to a book store in Paris where Jesee promoted his novel. And they met, and again talked about their life.They were thirty something, Jesse was married with a son and Celine in a relationship with war photographer. They were more mature, wiser. Well, their life was not so happy (as we all are when we grow older, rite? ). Nothing was in the movie except their conversation in that day. Their conversation was natural, hypocritical,and in the same time touching, because, in the end they could not avoid to be honest to each other. Another open ending was there in this sequel, when July dance and said to Jesse "youre gonna missed your plane," and Jesse answered: "I know".

How they would end?

"It will depend wheter you are a cynic or romantic", I took this quote from the movie.

Anyway, life provides us with million of odds.
Whether they were meant to be together or not, it didnt matter.
They had heir momments, and thats it. Its not a big deal.

This is only small things guys.. dont be so serious.
Anyway, living live, keep walking, redefining and never, ever, stop.
I love you, all.. :)


Gus Lim said...

Bagus tulisannya, tapi tetep, sayangnya basa Inggris. Aku yg nggak jago jadi terbata-bata membacanya.

Anyway memang kita mesti menikmati kehariinian kita, karena hanya itulah yang kita punya. Masa lalu sudah lewat, dan masa depan belum menjadi milik kita....

Nikmati saja....

kuyazr said...

tapi..bagaimana dengan anak2 masa depan yang memilikinya?...akankah kita selalu saja menikmati hari ini?...ceritakanlah sesuatu kepada mereka yang nantinya akan memiliki masa depan, suatu masa yang kita tidak akan dapat memilikinya, ceritakanlah tentang persoalan hidup, tentang kekuasaan, tentang harga diri, tentang kekayaan laut, tentang harapan, tentang manusia dan Tuhannya, tentang kita yang telah lebih dulu hidup dengan segala keanekaragaman warnanya, ceritakanlah tentang kenaifan kita, kebodohan kita, keserakahan, kegagalan, ceritakanlah dengan penuh gairah dan semangat, bagaimana kita menjadi yang terbaik, menjadi contoh dan tauladan, ceritakanlah terus cerita-cerita masa kini yang nantinya mungkin akan berguna bagi anak-anak masa depan, masa yang tidak akan pernah kita miliki,..sebenarnya kita tidak benar-benar bisa menikmati hari ini karena sesuatu sedang terjadi, apapun itu menjadikan kita merenung....

the writer said...

mas agus...bahasa inggrisku nggak jago juga, jelek malah. aku nulis bahasa inggris karena ada temen2 ku yang baca yang bukan orang indonesia, thats all. nanti aku nulis bahasa indonesia deh buat mas agus.
ttg kekinian, aku rasa juga begitu. Sejak dulu aku percaya bahwa kita itu Sum of the past, present and future.

the writer said...

buat pak kuyz,
anak2 ya?
hum...aku inget pernah ngobrol sama beberapa orang temen ttg anak2. Mereka milik masa depan, memang. Aku pernah bilang, mereka milik zaman.Tapi ada yang protes, kita gk bisa gitu aja nyerahin anak-anak kita ke zaman, katanya. Kita harus mengarahkan mereka. Bagaimanapun mereka bukan milik kita. Aku belum punya anak, sih. Aku bingung juga kalau bicara anak. Maksudku itu, ttg kekinian lebih ke kita sendiri. Kalo ttg anak, hum..mungkin beda subyek kali ya. ntar aku nulis juga deh ttg anak, tapi aku kayanya belum bisa. kalo ttg anak, yang jelas aku suka seneng liat senyum dan ketawa anak2, kayanya gk ada yang bisa lebih jernih dan suci dari itu. Nah, teu nyambung kan? he he

Sunny said said...

I've read Norwegian Wood. Annoying piece of **** =)) That's the first time I know that Murakami's is not my cup of tea.

**sigh** Me and my bad taste galore, hahaha.

Anyway, what a good choice of films u had there. I've watched both of them, Before Sunset and Before Sunrise. I watched the sequel first, actually, and this is one helluva movie that made me realize that if it comes from strong team, a chatty movie DOES kicks ass.

Speaking of a day off, I'm gonna take one today.

the writer said...

ha i said to you before honey, you are cursed to be next Indonesia`s sandra brown..well with more intellectual ingredients, i hope... selamat liburan ya. salam buat pram dan si kecil.

Silverlines said...

I like Murakami's work although I haven't read many of them.
And I do, love the two movies, Before Sunset and Before Sunrise. The question is, am I a cynic or a romantic?
I opt to be a romantic in that case, especially if I were Celine.
Uhmm ... but come to think of it again, would I sacrifice my now relationship with a war photographer for someone I knew 9 years ago for less than 48 hours? You know, infatuation could also cause destruction.

Nice post, nice blog.

the writer said...

hi, thank you. humm.. i think i am a romantic, but in the same time i am a cynic, and my life is a destructive compromise of both :). Infatuation? (with this word i think you are a cynic, he he) hum, i dont know, i think the story tries to talk about the mystery (or magic, if you a romantic) of how, a stranger can be so familiar. and just right. there are many mysteries surround us. What we need is open eyes in our soul and see. I think that's -the mystery- also way of God introduces a bit of His Taste in so called, Complexity of humans, His most unique Creature. Am I a cynic or romantic, with this explanation? :))

Silverlines said...

Having been there and done that, it's quite difficult to believe that there are still magic in the love department.
Besides, I don't fall in love quite easily, that makes me a cynic I guess. Although I never refuse any kind of infatuation. Just enjoying the ride.

the writer said...

that's good, enjoy the ride. living live.. and about Love?,
Its a key for thousands secrets, yearning to be unveiled. Trust me :))