The Greatest Satire

it was the most interesting Sunday I ever had.
I witnessed three important moments in live of humans

Death, married, and birth.
Each took place in different time, places, and people,
but it happened in a row, in one day.

It was like Quentin Tarantino movie, and the red thread was only me.
I was there in those three moments.
I was astonished.
It is like a great play presented in front of me,
I was the only viewer, crawling to seek some meaning, in those performances.

Sadness and happiness, is only string of live.
Because we are just puppets, play in His will.
Nothing is coincidence.
Nothing is eternal.

In Sunday afternoon, I attended some group of discussion, we discussed about His will.
We called it qodho and qodhar, it is a belief in Islam that everything has been decided by God, even before we born.

A member of the group, acted as fatalist questioned the logic behind this belief. He said all his good deeds are futile attempt, because God has decided to where he will End, hell or heaven.

For me, I do not have problem with that. First, I am not really interested with the idea of hell and heaven. It is like childish answer for such a complicated riddle of this mundane live. Second, I accept "Qodho and Qodhar " as the irony, as the Greatest Satire. His joke I have yet understood.

Some books, philosophical questions, philosophical thoughts, thousand poets, have tried to describe the irony of human live. I think that is the irony of the creation. All types of creation.

How can we escape from our Creator, for Him that brings us to life, for Him that makes us exist?, as now, when Im writing now, I am on His will.
We are just a role, in His book. Did He enjoy write about us?
Is He still writing, now?

if I can meet Him face to face, I will ask this:

What is the funny things create us, humans in this world, creates right and wrong, put us in this illusions, and ask us to be responsible for that?

for we, have never been asked to live?

It is a real Joy, knowing you God.

but I just cant solve this riddle.
not yet.


kuyazr said...

....jikalau tidak ada tidak ada, apakah ada itu ada?..atau jika ada itu ada, maka tidak ada akan tampak...menurut hukum alam yang selalu berpasang-pasangan...jadi pasangan manusia adalah Tuhan...sekarang kita tahu kalau Tuhan itu ada darimana?...dari manusia kan?...trus kalo manusia itu ga ada, apakah kita bakal tahu Tuhan itu ada?

the writer said...

well, hum..anyone?

Sunny said said...

tes tes