Riddle of Light

We often look for Light in bright places. In shining faces, white satin, Light symbols, words of God..But law of nature shows us, Light is glowing, mostly, in the dark

Read this:
Yakinkah ku berdiri/ di hampa tanpa tepi boleh aku mendengarMu/Terkubur dalam emosi / Tanpa bisa sembunyi/ Aku dan nafasku MerindukanMuTerpuruk kudisini/Teraniaya sepi/ Dan kutahu pasti /Kau menemani/ Dalam hidupku KesendiriankuTeringat ku teringat/Pada janjiMu kuterikat/ Hanya sekejap kuberdiri /Kulakukan sepenuh hati /Siang dan malam yang berganti/Sedihku ini tiada arti/Jika Kaulah sandaran hatiBenarkah ini jalanMu/Hanyalah EngkauYang kutuju/ Pegang erat tanganku/Bimbing langkah kakiku/Aku hilang arahTanpa Hadir Mu/Dalam gelapnya Malam hariku

I did not find the lyric in a tassawuf book or paper. I found this in the first album of Letto a new band.

A group of young men, who appear on the stage in their hip-hop style, sing pop songs, light pop, complete with their menye-menye stage act, prompting ABG girls to scream, anyway, they are just an ordinary band.

This song (those lyrics) is popular in radio stations. Usually, they play this in Love song sessions. They may not check objects in this song is full with capital letters. But, its okay, its time to talk about real Love, right?

I am not really into Indonesian bands. But, I dont know, I wanted to buy their album.
Its rare. But, hum.. so many weird things have happened to me lately; I just go a long with that. I bought it.

And, now, I know. Who said that we have to see Light in the light?

Ps I: In my amazement of their lyrics, someone told me, the band vocalist is a son of Emha Ainun Nadjib who has just returned from his study in United States. Other songs are also interesting. Its a blessing for Indonesian youngsters to hear and digest some spiritual lyrics in a truly, light pop song of a hip-hop style band.

Ps 2: thanks :)