The sun and the moon

one day sun said to the moon:
"sorry, I can not stop my light from touching you"
are you okay, is it too hot?"
and moon said:
"Nope.. its alright. it makes me shinning in the dark"

one day moon said to the sun:
"why do you stop the light?"
sun said:
"No, i dont.
But this earth standing in the way.
barring my light"

One day sun said to the moon:
"I feel tired, this earth blocking my light.
I will not shine anymore. too much shadow. Too dark.
and moon said:
"No, the light is in you, you can not stop the light. It will pass. Everything will pass.
Trust me, "

One day, the earth is back to its place. and the eclipse over.

and the moon
and the sun
back in their role
shining, all the way.

somehow, they missed the conversation.


Sri Wulan P said...

did they? missed the conversation?
why? they always have it..
It is silent conversation.