mon cherry

If I can give you my heart
I will give you
since its not mine
I just say

just hold on to your pure heart
caresses softly
listen to its story
its pain
its happiness
its gay and liberty

inside your heart
find the spot
where you feel happy and content
avoid the place
where you feel dreadful and sad

knock the door of your heart
say: salaam..
and listen

its humming
like the summer sound
sing the song,
its an easy song
and dance
embrace life!
with the music of your heart

hold on to your heart
it will mend your wound
fix your broken dream
and flying you up
up there to sky


Herry said...

The boy in the photo, who's he, siska? what's his story?

the writer said...

this boy took my love away :))..he teaches me to be still in grief, even in something that he might not really understand.. but he stands still, coping probably the most difficult things in his life with great bravery, translate everything in his own language. A boy words. Honest and touching. His name is vicko, he will be 11 on August, he's my late brother's son. He has friendster, he'll be glad if you join :))

kuyazr said...

A Letter from Tugu

History recorded already my child
When the moon escaped from prison of harsh night castle
fell into sweetness embracing of clergyday, the priest of bright
in spite of when the warmth of brownmilkish stream creep in the cold of navyblue wave’s roll, please give up, you'll arrears my child, look, the wooden train almost pealing its whistle
dislodged the daydream you had for couple minutes and continue it later as you like, ride along to your esoteric directions, approach, referring from within, curves of your torso
it might moves you as not static as a statue that fed up, then abuse you verbally
just remember, there’s already a great deal who went by that wooden train
brought their wound, their grief, their surlygloomy, even their hiccough giggling
tolerate, acquiesce in, silent
you are not and never be set apart, my child
nevermind, everything already and will be equalized
hug and kisses for you…

the writer said...

gileh...your poet.. ini baru namanya "maju" lompatan jauuuuuh!.. keren.