Love, spirit of creation

i think love between man and woman, platonic or not, or in some level of physical or brain (still physical) attractiveness
between those opposite kinds
in the very moment when they fall in love, in some level, before it gets too physical, too earthly ....

Love, Godly or mundanely
anyway those kinds of Love
that creates butterfly in our stomach is a Creative spirit
this kind of love is a must
to Keep living, to Create something

I suspect this spirit
originated from the first of human creation
I think this is way of God's loves us
That is why God creates Man and Woman
or flower and bee..
or blue and pink ..
Sun and Moon..
To express His Beauty
and Love
trough nature of his creation
that He, himself designs

Love triggers Creativity
and Looks How Creative God is
can you see?

world seems dissapointing
with the middle east conflict
and horrible news from Africa
but still laugh of a kid in the street can lighten your heart, right?
or how beautiful sound of drizzle in your roof to night?

A wise man say, its one.
Smile of a kid, and blood scattered in Pakistan
is one. I can not undrestand that. But I feel its just right.

so To night,
I hope everyone blessed with Love that will fill them with inspirations and creations
and reflect His Genuine way of Loving

God, do you think my writing is too cheesy?
anyway friend, lets fall in Love..
be expressive and celebrating Love

Ps: lagi mabok nih, I think mix something here... btw, i might delete this post when Im awake..:))..


Gus Lim said...

Tulisan yang bagus, mantabbb :-)

the writer said...

masa sih.. aku kan nulis lagi mabok.. hehehe.. thanks anyway ya mas agus

watung said...

bahasa inggrisnya bagus... tulisannya ngomongin apa ya?

the writer said...

pura-pura bloon ..