secret garden

come to my secret garden..
where i put flowers right there
you can take it

come to my secret garden
where rose and lilies
just sparkling their beauty

you can take it
ill be happy.
take everything out, and ill be happy.

just come
and come again..
take everything you want

or you want to try the carousels
or merry go round?
play in the fountain?
you like the sounds of water..
are you not?

this is for free
for free..

come to my secret garden
where you can take a rest a little while
where love becomes the only word we speak
when there is no need to unveil the secret
because we already there

where there is no worry,
no jealousy
no miss understanding
no sadness
no separation
no ego

i give myself.

ps: based on a conversation with one of "The secret guard" and... Sundari Soekotjo's karaoke's song and some fruits in the table. Thanks for the lesson. Allhamdulilah. its always mythical.. :))