Theru's song (Teruu no Uta)

Twilight on the clouds
a hawk is flying
always alone.
He must be sad.
In the wind without no sounds
he cannot rest
his wings clutching the air.

What can I compare my heart to,
my heart is like he´s.

What can I compare my heart to,
My sadness is wheeling in the sky

At a rock shadow in drizzling rain
a flower is small in bloom.
She must be painful.
In the rain with dim colour
she has no one caressed her pink faint petal.

What can I compare my heart to,
My heart is like she's.
What can I compare my heart to,
I feel painful like as being exposed to the rain.

On a path through an almost empty field
Im walking with the hawk
He must feel lonely too.

On the grass where the insects chirp

you and I walking together.
But you hardly talk.

What can I compare my heart to, this heart that is going alone.
What can I compare my heart to, What can I compare this loneliness to..

Soundtrack of: Tales from the earthsea/Gedo Senki (Japan animee) by Ghibli Studio
English translation put in the website

my story:

Behind the song, its a japan animee movie called "Tales of the earthsea" (gedo senki),
its a movie about the fighting between the warrior of truth with the evil and the wickedness.

The sad song potrays the loneliness of the warrior's heart following his destiny as a knight.
Only he and his heart, walking along the path that bring him to meet another enemy.
The path where no one around to praise him. The silent path.

I think this song is a song of every of us who is longing to be in the shade of truth.
Every of us, walking in the silent path, fighting with our own evil and wickedness
the fighting where no one around, where, only you and your heart do the fighting
in the heaviest battle of life, the battle against yourself.

May God is the only friend in our battle..
and May He who wait for us in the end of this silent path..

meanwhile, please enjoy the song..
its for us, the lonely heart..