love of antonio de carlie

Listen the sardonic story of Antonio de Carlie,
a priest from Brazil who flew with thousand of balloons
He staged the stunt to raise money for his church
it was a foolish things to do, one might say
but I said, why not?
it is good being foolish once in your life
and be free

The news said de Carlie went missing
some of his balloons was found floating
in the Brazilian coast..
but his body was never found..

Somehow, its good to be Carlie
being foolish, believing your faith
being foolish and free
it's expression of love
we are foolish when we are in love
like de carlie..
He might die happy..

so, friends be foolish
be free
and let the wind take you away..

ps: picture taken from reuters photo: its Antonio de Carlie with his balloons. Stunning.