run into my nationalism

I went to the land where people despise their roots
blame their ancestor
inherited guilt
hiding head in their lap
shame on their leaders
and alienated

Its struck me
that my effort to think nationalism is foolish
is partial

that, probably, proud of where you come from
its part of nature

and to have terrible history
for a nation to exist
is a cursed
because children are deceived
and lie, passes from generation to generation

Its good thing
that I have such proud history
for some episode of our ancestors
they were a truly fighters
they fight for freedom and glory
after 300 years in slavery

compare to a nation
that live from taking other human live

and busy lowering other nations
while in their home
people hang themselves because of frustration
dumped from so called civilization
just because they have different skin color

Thanks God,
to make me Indonesian,
a resident from a nation, a new born nation in 40's
(I used to call "artificial" nation, which is, I think its not an artificial shape anymore

when million people died to defend the idea)
which come of an idealistic dream

of unity in differences and freedom

I am,
the resident of nation that are poor
nations with thick dense of hypocrisy
and low level of decency

made me have to struggle more
to make this half way nation
a real home
for homeless souls

to deliver a genuine story
of rebirth of a great nation
that will be written
in the history

(after 2 week in commonwealth continent in the south)


watung said...

Seperti kata Quran, "Dia telah menciptakan kamu dari tanah ini dan menjadikan kamu pemakmurnya..." QS 11:61

the writer said...

he he.. ya thanks..
semoga yang gw lakukan selama ini.. gk cuma memakmurkan tanah jepang..he he//