I travel to the Light
the Light is in me
I fight the darkness
That is part of me
I look for a mirror
To show my error
I weave the time
With surface patience
I conquere space
With my mess
With all the wound
and defeated pride
I will still travel
To the light


Herry said...

I am a priest
but yet i am a soldier
Within me there’s a beast
standing on the mat of prayer

I have to surrender, but yet have to kill
I am the wind that have to be still

A slave, but have to be a king
I am the silence that have to sing

Rise, o master, rise and leave all your burden
I am your horse that needs to be ridden

(Herry Mardian, 070801, 20.00.)

the writer said...

being humans, center of the paradox ?

shanty said...

biasanya aku ngga ngerti kalo baca puisi siska tapi yang ini kok ya aku paham. alhamdulillah. puisi yang bagus sis, beautiful, simple but meaningful, less paradox

the writer said...

thanks shanty.. was it poem that becaming simpler? or, you can "feel" more? :))..