a secret plot

"We think that life is a mess

No it is in't

There is meaning

in every second, in every step

it's a plan, it's a secret plot

nothing is coincidence"

Tokyo metro, minowa station, august 25

ps: you know the secret of Love? its Trust, after that, appears the Unity. A Divine Dance..


kuyazr said...

ole-ole boeng...

every breath you take by The Police

the writer said...

iya..insya allah..
`walaupun susah sungguh, mengingatMu penuh seluruh..`(chairil anwar), maap kalau kutipannya salah..

kuyazr said...

satu lagi dari Alan Parson's Project, judulnya Eye in The Sky.

ijonk said...

bu kalo deket 2 pabrik honda, tanyapunya spare part handle body, astra 90 ga? yang taun 69 ato 73.. kalo ada beli in dulu, ntar ta' ganti kalo dah di indonesia lagih..hahahahah... di loakan dah ga ada,susah bgt nyarinya di sini..
kasian jok nya.. hahahaha..

mututucin said...

T-Shirt. Yang keliatan banget buatan Jepangnya... :p

Anonymous said...

tes posting hhehehee

Merry Mama said...

How do I trust?

the writer said...

Trust is a state, i guess, not action.. :), you just can't deny

abuzuhri said...

Salam pembaca,
Hamba kirim suatu cerita metafor ringan mengenai Pencinta Teh China sempena ramadhan mubarak. Hilangkan sikit dahaga rohani.Tidak boleh tayamum jika menjumpai Air segar pesan Imam Junayd. Selamat membaca sementara teh jadi sejuk...


By Khawja Yusuf
al-Hamadhani about 500 years ago :

(this narrative is a backtracked sequence
until you know to figure it from
the original A Sufi Tea Story)

And it is still that Way.
Only fools asked such Questions.
When Tea was given to all who Taste.
When the Truth was widespread.

It looks like mud, not gold !
Yet again, prove to me this is.
Why do you boil Water when
All I want is the Celestial Drink !
but this is only dried leaves !

Protested then ambrosia
the sought wisdom possess
to pretend who those and
powerful the only first At.
(this sentence was fully reversed)

A man of understanding (arifun)
Spoke to the tea merchants (of dunya)
and tea drinkers
(of Lipton, Nescafe and Green Teas)
:“ The one who taste (dhawqi),
knows (alim/become learned).
( many Sufi Masters were called Wine Pourers
of Divine Knowledge, Marifa and Hikmah)

The one who taste not
(from the Awliya and Sufis),
knows not (jahil/veiled even though
had gone to overseas Universities
and gained Degrees, Masters
and Doctorates in field of Islamic studies,
Arabic,fiqh, sharia, revealed knowledge
Usuluddin, tafsirs etc).

Don’t speak of a Heavenly Beverage
(of sufic poem/qasida/nazam/mathnawi
from Arberry, Nicholson, Kebir Heminski,
Schimmel, Lewison, Henri Corbin, Schuon,
Qubrusi, Ahmad Dede, Chelebi, Rabbani,
Raihan, Hijjaz, M.Nasir, Bhagwan Shree
And many others )

Offer it (oh genuine Masters)
At your banquets (of dhikr, tekke, zawiyya,
khanaqah, pondok, ribat and caves of marifa
Not at Starbucks, Hard Rock Café and
Mamak Tea Tarik stalls)

And say Nothing !
(more than the state ahwal permitted in that moment, place, people can absorb and digest. Say nothing to the anti-sufis wahabi, tablighi, haraki and ikhwani )

Those who like it (with love/himma)
will ask for more (until annihilated);

Those who don’t (veiled/blind to it)
are not fit to drink it !

(Imam Junayd said those immature seekers
must use stone and dust to do purification
of outward by tayyamum because they
still don’t found the Pure Water.
What more to taste it by
The polished, pure hearts
Not by the foul mouth and lips)


‘Close the Shop of Debate and Mystery’

(from my understanding this can referred to all the modern universities and professors who taught the students to propose, outline, defend, debate, argue, highlight, deconstruct, prove and win over their main thesis, anti-theses or arrived at perverted sythesis of new Religion, Philosophy and Cult so powerful that did not accept any value judgements !)

Return to original my comment- the word
Shop of Mystery used by Shaykh Khawja Yusuf ring a bell in our ears ! This is the Christian false Doctrine imposed or rather sold cheaply to their colonized third world natives and pagans who now turned the tables against their formers British, Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, French or American masters and declare:

Now we are Independent !
We won the Revolution
We are a free Nation
We became member of United Nation
But many still in debts and chains of usury.

The Christians celebrated, voted and killed their own Popes and the elite bankers laugh all the way to their vaults..And send thousands and millions citizens of the world to death, misery, pollution, corruption, overworks, undernourished, rape of natures, and race speedily to the industrial, agro or touristic model states. Choose any one of them. You are permitted to declare an Islamic State, Islamic Constitution, Islamic Law, Islamic Financial Exchange, Islamic Banks and Islamic International Universities so on but one Word and one World cannot make this thing HARAM – that is RIBA !

The Debate and Mystery of Usury, Interest, Credit, Debt, Derivatives, Bond, BLR, LIBOR, Futures, IMF, Gold Standard, Bretton Woods are all forgotten, buried and heavily guarded in underground vaults in Fort Knox. Only the terrorists know how to strike at their capitals and strengthen the current police / military states ! They fall into the Trap sprung by the wise intelligent operatives who were sent out to the muslim lands 300 years ago.

The proofs are the Oriental, Islamic and Arabic Studies, Faculties and Departments were set up well before any of our local ISO certified universities were created. What is world class when you are not sure of traveling onto the Path of the Garden or the Fire. Ask your esteem Professors if you dare to confront their academic credentials. Who are Dr.John Esposito, William Chittick, Sachiko Murata, Snouk Hungrove etc.
They will give a thousand replies. We need to study Islam Sufis and Tariqats, to preserve it as cultural heritage, to promote pseudo-sufis like Idris Shah, Inayat Khan, Wahid Yahya Guenon, Isa Nuradeen Schuon, So we arrive at the answer – Close the Shop of Those Pseudo Sufi Scholars !

Maulana Rumi had warned us (today) :
The false Sufis come, from street to street
Door to doors,
Inquire- where is the Wine
Let Dance and taste the Esctasy
Accompanied by soft Music.
Of Sitar, Rebana, Gamelan, Errhu and Ney-for tourist dollars!



But my dear friend, who really qualified to open such sufic tea shops ? Are there any existing tea shops at our doorsteps ? Can you tell me the new names invented for this Tea and the newly branded franchised Tea Shops ?

This old merchants will squezze your pockets
And promised you amazing curing and healing power of the Green Tea, Rooibos Tea, Oolong Tea, Japanese, Ahmed Tea, Camoumile Tea , Four Seasons Tea and endless inventions to suit your fancy.

Now we proclaim that the Sufi Tea story is closed for lunch hour. 12.35 am Friday.
Promenade Putra Sri Surya , Fifth Floor overlooking the western lake of Precint 21. Federal capital of Malaysiana.

Cai jian and warmest greeting of peace
By the falling leaves
and bright sun !

koeaingdiroewetkeunsiah! said...

sansojo soewe sansojo roewet ini poen....:(